Black Soul in Me

I’m a little boy I come from Napoli

I cannot speak English but I’ve black soul in me

My mother wants me to work into the fields

Oh sure I work but meanwhile I sing


Bibop a lula bang bang bang


I’m a soldier my name is Smith

Forced to fight I left my wife

What a sadness a melancholy

Trying to forget I sing ‘bout it


I’m a singer I sing good jazz

To earn the money to pay the bread

I am poor ‘cos of the war

But I am rich with music in my soul

I’m a little girl my only love is sing

So, what you think, I’m talkin’ about me?

No there’s a girl who studies medicine

She knows well English but in English doesn’t sing


I was tellin’ about a little girl

Whose only love is sing and that wasn’t me

And so, this girl who studies medicine

Knows well English, but in English doesn’t sing


Cantare in Espanol pourquoi non en Francais

O come non importa se ho il diavolo in me

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